Exchange rate
Iron ore, Gold, Fluor
Алт QGLD ▼-1.76
Зэс COPPR ▲361.0
Нүүрс QCOL ▼0.0
Хөнгөн цагаан Alm ▼-33.5
Платинюм Pt ▲10.7
Мөнгө Ag ▼0.0
Цайр Zn ▼-148.0
Никель Ni ▲750.0
Хар тугалга Pb ▼-20.0
Цагаан тугалга Tin ▼-420.0
The Project "Asgat" – silver and polymetal deposit Asgat deposit is located in the northwestern part of the country near the border of Mongolia, Altai and Tuva Republics of the Russian Federation
The Project “Khyargas Lake” – Copper deposit “Khyargas Lake” is a copper deposit, located in the north-western part of Mongolia on the territory of Naranbulag soum, Uvs Province /1100 km away from the capital city of Mongolia
The Project to expand "Urgen" mine The “Urgen” – operational license number №MV-000164, №MV-012884, №MV-013440, is a fluorite deposit located on the territory of Urgen soum of Dornogovi Province.
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